The State of Video

July 17, 2015

in Market Your Brand

Authored by Mika Nagashima

Like so many others aspects of the Internet, video marketing strategies have evolved. And we don’t just mean on YouTube. Thanks to new functionalities in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, alongside video-focused platforms like Vine and Periscope, marketers can no longer treat the medium as a “nice to have” novelty. As you’ll see below, consumer video reaction and conversion rates are higher than ever before.  In fact, customers aren’t just responding to video, they expect your brand to have it (and may even look unfavorably upon you if you don’t). The sooner you adopt video as a marketing tactic, the better chance you’ll have to impact your target audiences, and expose your brand to previously unattainable viewers.


Spark_Digital Marketing Trends_Video_Infographic
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