An Editorial Calendar Template to Align Your Goals

September 26, 2015

in Market Your Brand

Authored by Mika Nagashima

An Editorial Calendar Template to Align Your Goals

Editorial calendars are crucial to any content marketing strategy. Our own template is designed to easily scale and adapt to your company’s needs so that you can spend more time creating the most relevant, impactful content for your audiences.

Use the template to align your logistic information, publishing information, content, and SEO across three months. This calendar helps keep track of the information that is crucial to planning an awesome content marketing strategy. It’s best when used in conjunction with the content marketing strategy template, which will help you map out your buyer personas to deliver the most effective content to the right audience.

For added insight, check out our customer journey map template to understand the buyer’s purchasing decision cycle and formulate content around a prospect’s First Value with your brand.

Download this free editorial calendar template to plan your marketing content touchpoints

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