Engaging and Understanding US Customers Through Real-Time Means

July 22, 2015

in Market Your Brand

Authored by Zubin Mowlavi

Engaging and Understanding US Customers Through Real-Time Means

No one can refute the fact that thorough market research is imperative for the success of any business. However, the United States possesses an increasingly diverse buyer population with a broadening scope of engagement points.

Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure you’re leveraging these outlets to best reach this new selection of audiences:

1. Stay on top—and ahead—of US tech trends

The integration of social media and real-time interaction has evolved how consumers view your brand. An established presence and strategic usage of online channels can effectively contribute to overall business growth. But, in order to be successful, it takes a technological awareness and constant adaptation to keep up.

Just three years ago, the tablet was poised to take over mobile phones as the predominant form of content engagement. However, tablet sales and use have all but stalled in 2015, leaving businesses to wonder if their current mobile strategies are in proper shape, and if their mobile sites are optimized enough to effectively deliver messaging to potential buyers.

Likewise, what platforms are presenting the best rate of conversion for your company or product? Is your desktop or mobile site a focal point, or are more users engaging with your messaging through social outlets?

2. Understand your competitors’ every move

If you’re not tuned in to your competitors’ moves, how can you counter them? You cannot learn from their mistakes and ultimately you can’t surpass them if you don’t know where they stand.

Social media gives you the power of real-time data, direct customer feedback, and exact details of how your competitors are operating and expanding their business.

By monitoring customer buying trends—and their online interactions with your competitors—you can quickly become aware of what they are selling, product quality, product demand among consumers, what makes their product distinct from other available products, and their plans to introduce new products, to make your own competitive strategies.

After diving into this research, you can then adapt to improve your offerings to meet customer demand.

3. Engage users at the point of contact

As always, customer feedback is essential for companies to improve their products and re-launch them. However, feedback is now garnered directly from general customers, brand ambassadors, and key influencers—often within the same channels.

By monitoring and responding to relevant online conversations through social media, you have the ability to engage customers about pain points and product information. Likewise, you have the ability to interact with thought leaders within your industry, not only to cull their wisdom, but also to have your brand directly correlated with theirs.

Additionally, US buyers are always seeking ways to do things faster and more efficiently, with minimal “fluff” or extraneous talk, which plays right into the strengths of social media conversations. By embracing these channels, you’ll quickly position your brand as one that cares about its customers, one that is ready to solve problems as they happen, and one that will address customer needs head-on, with full transparency.

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