Go To Market USA—10 Point Guide

September 8, 2016

in Plan Your Expansion

Authored by Zubin Mowlavi

Go To Market USA—10 Point Guide

In the United States, we’ve moved away from distinguishing between online and offline business. There’s just business. Digital IS business.

Digital has disrupted not just the US, but the entire world business landscape.

It’s our goal to provide you with the most actionable, tactical plan to help you build a clear roadmap toward US export and expansion.

We’ve broken it down into three main areas to help you: Plan, Launch, and Grow. This free digital guide covers the top 10 tips to a successful expansion, illustrating topics such as:

  1. Identifying your primary demographic
  2. Using every opportunity for conversation
  3. Performing competitive analysis
  4. Advertising
  5. Testing, retesting, testing again
  6. Creating landing pages
  7. The importance of organic traffic
  8. The effectiveness of email marketing
  9. PR & thought leadership
  10. Customer service

Each important topic has specific digital tool recommendation from our panel of experts to help you easily expand your online presence to the U.S.

No longer do businesses and brands have to focus on conquering the map by establishing physical presence. The real global marketplace is online, where connected consumers are reshaping the retail landscape.

As connectivity continues to take over U.S. commerce, so too will the number of consumers who look online to find what they want. To reach as many customers as possible, today’s businesses need to be where consumers are waiting.

This begs the question: Is your company selling online in the U.S.? Visit Lucid Fusion to download the full guide.

Get free, unlimited access to the content that helps ignite your expansion!

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