How to Maximize Your Stateside Software Launch

July 21, 2015

in Market Your Brand

Authored by CeeCee Vandiver

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How to Maximize Your Stateside Software Launch

In a digital marketplace, the pace of information is limited only by bandwidth. This new landscape incorporates isn’t centered on several major news sources, but rather an ever-growing number of smaller— but still incredibly relevant— publications, each with their own targeted following.

While one would think this landscape would make it easier to garner attention for a product launch, it has actually made it more difficult, due to the never-ending stream of news and opinions. New tactics are required to get the spotlight you need. Here are some steps to conduct a successful software launch by leveraging new media:

Gauge interest through social media

Thanks to social media platforms, it’s easy to engage people who stand to benefit from your offering. For example, introductory tweets and photos of your product create buzz and build interest. Along with this buzz, you’ll also build a sense of urgency and demand among potential buyers, who suddenly “need to have” your product.

To expand your reach, involve your company’s partners. The more people that are talking about the release, the better chances it will get social exposure. Considering 93% of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media, it’s worth the effort to maximize these channels.

Readily release information to your audience

More specifically, get the product and details to thought leaders in a specific space. Allow these individuals to use your product or service and then write reviews, to create positive word-of-mouth buzz around your launch. Remember, 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions.

Likewise, scheduling calls with industry analysts doesn’t happen right away, so allocate ample time. And, remember that these people are busy, so you will want to make sure your meeting requests illustrate why it is worthwhile to learn more about your offerings.

Most importantly, your launch is meaningless if people can’t see your software in action. Don’t make people work to obtain more information; offer a wealth of free trials, hands-on demos and informational videos that demonstrate need for the product.

Don’t wait to share

The media won’t be sitting idly, waiting for your product to be released. Instead, you must be active in coordinating your promotional efforts the instant you establish a launch timeframe.

Your preparations should occur well before you plan to launch. Start your outreach several months before the target date and then keep the information flowing to potential users beyond launch.

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