Local Social Media Tips for Small to Mid-sized Businesses

July 10, 2015

in Market Your Brand

Authored by Shana Starr

Local Social Media Tips for Small to Mid-sized Businesses

The explosive resonance of social networks has allowed US businesses to target local buyers through tools such as ad targeting, location-specific check-ins, and increased use of hashtags to generate conversations. However, few businesses are maximizing their social reach — even to customers from their own neighborhoods. With just a few regular tweaks and updates, your local presence can stay top-of-mind for prospective buyers.

To keep visible in your new community, review these tips for engaging your new neighbors via social media:

1. Social views come from social action

Actions like check-ins, shares, and Tweets increase a company’s social visibility, so be sure to periodically ask audiences to do so. There is nothing wrong with asking new connections to share your key messaging through social platforms, especially if it leads to the accrual of new brand ambassadors. It might even be beneficial to include event reminders, purchase incentives, and more.

Keep in mind, use these calls-to-action sparingly, as repeating such requests too often can deter customers, and devalue your brand.

2. Leverage social ads

The most effective way to reach locals on Facebook and Twitter is through targeted advertising. Both social networks offer options for engaging audiences based on location, interests, behavior, keywords and more.

Likewise, Facebook’s new local advertising format enables businesses to deliver targeted ads to groups of people within a certain proximity to the company’s location. Combined with the platform’s existing “Offer” ad format, you have tools to promote and incentivize the community with relevant advertising.

3. Connect with your offline community … online

Google+ introduced a “Communities” feature that enables businesses to conduct video “hangouts” with interested members, potentially leading to the creation of local events. In turn, Facebook has similar features to help you grow a community of relevant customers. On both platforms, these community engagements can be private or public, offering new communication channels for businesses to interact with their audience.


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