New Adwords Benefits for B2B Companies

July 3, 2015

in Market Your Brand

Authored by Jennette Romney

New Adwords Benefits for B2B Companies

For a B2B campaign, the effectiveness of Google’s Adwords is usually measured through lead generation, as opposed to paid conversions. Because of this disparity, Adwords hasn’t exactly been an ideal tool for B2B marketers looking to generate and measure lead quality. However, Google recently announced (and optimized) several Adwords tools that present more notable benefits for B2B marketers looking to boost ROI.

Automated, accurate Adwords

If your company has multiple products or product lines, establishing resonant Adwords can become a laborious time commitment. Google’s new Dynamic Search Ads were created to alleviate this problem by generating appropriate keywords and ad groups based on your existing site content. In just minutes, this tool can allow you to set the framework for an all-new campaign, making it a reliable and efficient tool for companies unconcerned with ad spend.

Set your own price for conversions

Though it’s not necessarily a new tool, Google’s CPA (cost-per-acquisition) bidding has been dramatically overhauled, and is now a bidding model that more accurately allows companies to set and stay within a desired price range for conversions. Google automatically rotates ads, adjusts keyword bids, and garners impressions more likely to result in conversions, while remaining in the set cost parameters.

Find the most valuable keywords through data

Google’s new measurement tool is called data-driven attribution, which serves as an interesting accompaniment tool to CPA bidding. This tool analyzes your conversion data based upon which keywords proved most valuable during a set period, giving you tremendous insight into ad optimization, without having to commit to a set price model.

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