Audio Analytic Secures 80% of Business from US

July 20, 2015

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Authored by Brad Bortone

Audio Analytic Secures 80% of Business from US

Founded in 2008, Audio Analytic is a significant name in the professional security market, where it enables systems to use sound patterns to detect particular crimes, incidents, or events that can’t necessarily be spotted from video feeds alone. Licensees in this market include the US-based Next Level Security Systems.

Audio Analytic’s technology uses computer analysis to recognize sound patterns tied to specific events, a valuable feature for systems in areas such as professional security and home monitoring. The company’s proprietary software is based on research into the area of psychoacoustic modelling, the science that studies the way human beings understand sound. Audio Analytic offers a range of Sound Packs that allow the system to recognize different sets of sound patterns, and can design new Sound Packs to order.

For Audio Analytic, the export market is critical; all of its licensees to date are based abroad, with 70 to 80% of its business currently coming from the United States.

Since partnering with UKTI, Audio Analytic has capitalized on key market assessment opportunities and funding, including grants to take products to showcase events, and to travel to assess potential new markets, to refine its product for specific customer needs.

Today, due, in part, to this dramatic stateside expansion, Audio Analytic is putting additional focus to the burgeoning US’ consumer electronics and smart home market, targeting the manufacturers of consumer home security systems and even devices such as baby monitors to employ its technology.

(Source: UKTI)

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