Digital Shadows Brings its Cybersecurity Reputation to U.S. Financial Leaders

September 18, 2015

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Authored by Brad Bortone

Digital Shadows Brings its Cybersecurity Reputation to U.S. Financial Leaders

London-based Digital Shadows offers companies bespoke threat intelligence and risk reports for financial services companies. The service brings cyber-situational awareness to banks and other financial companies, and highlights potential weaknesses in security.

Through involvement with Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab program, Digital Shadows developed connections to find important prospective partners, leading to a boost in funding. In addition to prior investment, a recent $8 million injection has put the company front and center on the U.S. fintech radar. The investment is being led by Storm Ventures, a West Coast U.S. firm that specializes in scaling enterprise SaaS businesses.

This investment has paved the way for Digital Shadows U.S. expansion to San Francisco and New York City, extending the firm’s reputation among UK global financial services operations. With its first overseas offices, the company plans to provide its multinational clients with a local presence in the U.S., and grow its sales and marketing operations on both sides of the Atlantic.

The company has recently won a range of awards, including making it on to Informilo’s “Top 25 Hottest London Start-ups for 2015,” and “Best Cybersecurity Startup” at the Tech Startup Awards. This wave of attention has also led to increased expectations for the company.

This means competing with a wealth of U.S.-based security startups in an industry that is rapidly growing in the wake of heightened security threats. Digital Shadows’ current offerings help protect organizations and individuals from a range of threats including leaked or compromised company data, stolen intellectual property, and the identification of potentially hostile cyber-criminal groups through a suite of managed services.

The company monitors 80 million sources across 26 different languages, currently providing its services to several multinational companies. It plans to expand its offering with automation and scaling the platform, adding new reporting features.

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