The Trials and Tribulations of Selling in the U.S.

August 30, 2016

in Stay in Compliance

Authored by Sacha Wilson

Sponsored by Avalara

The Trials and Tribulations of Selling in the U.S.

In the rush to expand in a booming global retail environment, merchants can overlook essential areas of cross-border business that are unfamiliar. New opportunities bring new complexities, such as the challenge of sales tax compliance in the United States.

Sales Tax is a different prospect entirely from VAT. With over 12,000 US taxing jurisdictions – each empowered to alter rates and rules – and 100,000+ rules and boundary changes annually, many companies require outside expertise

Top 8 sales tax considerations for your U.S. business plan:

  1. Keep up-to-date with state tax requirements
  2. Establish watertight record-keeping processes
  3. Understand your Nexus requirements
  4. Use Geolocation over Zip Codes
  5. Set out your Returns Filing and Remittance Schedule
  6. Collect and store all exemption certificates
  7. Identify if the ‘Streamlined Sales & Use Tax Agreement’ is right for you
  8. Plan for sales tax holidays

Don’t make sales tax an afterthought like those below. Take the initiative and develop a sales tax strategy that streamlines, reduces risk and works:


Avoid these pitfalls by speaking to the experts. Avalara believes in making transactional tax compliance simple and automatic, helping determine taxability, identify applicable rates, accurately calculate taxes, prepare and file returns, remit taxes, maintain tax records and manage exemption certificates. The company is a leading cloud-based tax and compliance automation technology provider, supporting tens of thousands of businesses in more than 100 countries worldwide.


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