U.K. Cabinet Office Minister Visits D.C. to Encourage Sharing Economy

September 30, 2015

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Authored by Mark Stimpfig

U.K. Cabinet Office Minister Visits D.C. to Encourage Sharing Economy

At the end of September, U.K. Cabinet Office Minister Matthew Hancock visited Silicon Valley companies involved in the so-called “sharing economy,” while also unveiling a new digital fellowship that will see the U.S. and U.K. exchange experts on digital government.

“Unless ‘gov tech’ keeps pace with every other area of technology, government services will become more and more difficult,” Hancock said to Wired magazine ahead of the week-long trip to Silicon Valley and Washington DC to meet tech companies and share ideas about digital government.

The Cabinet Office said the program would see the two governments exchange “a number of high-performing digital specialists” every year, while also creating a digital exchange fast-track for graduates to work with counterparts across the Atlantic.

Formalized with this week’s trip to the U.S., led by Hancock and the government’s chief technology officer Liam Maxwell, the program will allow the two countries to share ideas on how to extend access to digital services to people without access to the internet. It will also look for new ways to promote economic growth, and share learnings on how to foster independent tech hubs.

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