US-Friendly Social Media Strategies

July 6, 2015

in Market Your Brand

Authored by Mika Nagashima

US-Friendly Social Media Strategies

American audiences are inundated with messaging throughout their days, making it all the more important to engage early, often, and in a way that encourages them to pay attention. However, given the sheer number of social media channels lobbying for their time, social media management can become a full time job that risks taking over your workday.

Here are a few tips for streamlining your social media processes to ensure your voice is heard through the clatter.

Share the spotlight

Break up your branded messaging by sharing content from around your industry. Use content curation tools and newsfeeds to find content that is relevant to your followers and reuse their content by sharing it! Not only do you gain a potential relationship (and link potential) from the publication from which you are sharing it, but you also give your followers another reason to stay tuned.

It shows you don’t have blinders on when it comes to content and your brand is fully immersed in all the latest news pertaining to your industry.

Eliminate redundancy

Take a step back and look at your current social media strategy. Are there ways for you to streamline your process? Are you spending too much time searching for content to share, scheduling posts or writing content that doesn’t have high levels of engagement?

The less time you use preparing posts that aren’t guaranteed to reach these levels of engagement, or physically scheduling posts on each network, takes away from time you could spend developing metrics and and using that data to your advantage.

Reuse content from the archives

An often overlooked, but arguably the most important piece of the social media puzzle, is recycling content you already have, especially when it comes to Twitter. We often find that our clients create great content in the form of blogs, whitepapers, videos, and webinars. The content is then shared once the asset is live, and is then largely forgotten. To avoid wasting efforts, share and re-share your content, tweaking the messaging where you can.

Create lasting impressions

Creating evergreen content is another way to avoid content pollution on social media and stands alone as a renewable source for posts (and SEO) across your channels.

Like everything involved with marketing, strategy should be behind all that you do. Do not clutter your channels with old content, or post too frequently to a relatively small number of followers. Today’s social media landscape requires a delicate balance of time and planning.

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