US Taxation of Foreign Individuals

July 7, 2015

in Manage Your Finances

Authored by Brad Bortone

US Taxation of Foreign Individuals

Foreign individuals and companies do business in the United States for a variety of reasons, including gaining access to US capital and financing, US markets, or US strategic partners. Whatever the reason, foreign businesses have a variety of options in structuring their US operations, including:

  • Exporting tangible product into the US
  • Licensing intangibles into the US
  • Periodically sending a service provider to the US
  • Establishing a branch office in the US
  • Forming a subsidiary in the US
  • Partnering in a US joint venture

It is critical for foreign businesses to understand how the US taxes these various activities. For more detailed information about US taxation of foreign workers, please visit the US Internal Revenue Service International Taxpayers page.

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